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Who is eligible for an email account?

  • Students enrolled at UNL
  • Verified alumni of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Current members of the Nebraska Alumni Association
  • Faculty and staff are NOT eligible for this email system. Faculty and staff are provided university email accounts. To obtain an account for Office 365 go to:

Can I select any user name I want for my new account?

Yes, you can select any user name you want. UNL will remove an account user name that is impersonating or representing another person or is in bad taste. To help you select, we offer suggested user names in the following formats:
  • Firstname.Lastname
  • Lastname.Firstname
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
The name you choose may already be taken. If so, you will be offered that name with a number at the end. You may decline that offer and choose something else. If you want to specify a particular number to be appended that may have meaning to you (such as the year of your birth), you may. Or, you may type in an alternative name to use. Consider choosing something based on your real name so it is meaningful and memorable to others. Remember, you may be using this address on resumes and official correspondence, so choose something professional. If you type in a name, and it is available, you will be granted an account. Names will be reviewed, and possibly revoked, if deemed inappropriate. Letters, digits, dots, and dashes are permitted.

Can I rename my account?

Account renames are NOT allowed and this address is lifelong. There is no mechanism from the vendor for re-naming your account once it is created.

But what if I have a legal name change?

If you do have a legal name change and want your Huskers email account to reflect your new name please call the Information Services Help desk at 472-3970 or toll-free (866) 472-3970 to make the request. You will be enabled to create another Huskers account and given time to migrate any mail from your old account before it is removed.

Where do I log in to my email account once created?

Go to

Can I re-direct my account?

Yes, you can re-direct/forward your email arriving at your to another address. In order to have all new mail arriving on your be re-directed to another address you must create a mail rule. Note: You must be using Internet Explorer 6 or greater or Firefox 3 or greater on Windows to access mail rules.

Follow these instructions to create a mail rule:
  1. Log in to your email account.
  2. Select Options on the top menu bar.
  3. Now select Organize from the side menu bar.
  4. Select Inbox Rules.
  5. Select New Rule.
  6. Select Create a New Rule for Arriving Messages.
  7. A Rule Description window will appear.
    • Give your rule a name.
    • Select Forward or re-direct under Do the following.
    • A box with 3 options appears: select re-direct the message to people or distribution lists
    • Select the highlighted people or distribution lists
  8. In the "To:" field under Message recipients, type the email address to which you want your mail re-directed.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Save.

Where will my official university-sent emails go? (current students and recent grads)

Your preferred email address can be designated by logging into MyRED. Please keep this address up-to-date and check it often for important messages from the university.

Additional Email Help

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