What is the Student Alumni Association?

The Nebraska Student Alumni Association (formerly known as Scarlet Guard) is funded by and is a program of the Nebraska Alumni Association. Throughout the school year, we host various social and professional events such as: Dodgeball in Memorial Stadium and our college and career event where we work with campus and community partners to help you better navigate college and your anticipated career. We are a dues-paying organization; an annual membership is $20 and a life membership, which gives you a membership in SAA and a life membership in the alumni association when you graduate is $75 each semester for eight consecutive semesters. With your membership, you get exclusive membership benefits, including entrance to all of our events and a Cornhusker Compass – a customizable yearbook, containing 65 campus traditions. If you complete 50 of the 65 traditions by the time you graduate, you’ll become an Official Tradition Keeper and receive a personalized medallion at the alumni awards banquet to wear at graduation. This is a prestigious title not only on campus, but also within the Big Ten as we are the only university to have a traditions book like this. By completing the Compass, you get to explore the hidden treasures on campus and have the ultimate Husker experience all while documenting your time on campus.

Do we have monthly meetings?   

Currently, we do not have monthly meetings; however, we do have events each month where you’ll get to engage with other Student Alumni Association members, including our Board of Directors and adviser, and Nebraska Alumni Association staff. We’ll make sure you stay up to date on all of our activities throughout the year.  

I missed the Meet & Greet; can I still pick up my membership items?

Yes, you can stop by the Wick Alumni Center (northwest corner of 16 and R streets) between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to pick up your membership items.

Can I bring my friend who is not in the Student Alumni Association to an event?

Throughout the year, we will have events that are open to non-Student Alumni Association members, such as Alumni Masters Week in November and our college and career event in September. If you’d like to bring a friend to a Student Alumni Association-only event, please contact our adviser, Jordan Gonzales. 

How can I get more involved?

If you are looking for leadership opportunities, you can apply for our Board of Directors. These students are selected through an interview and application process and work closely with the Nebraska Alumni Association staff to plan our events. It is a great way to start growing your network.

When can I join the Student Alumni Association?

You can join the Student Alumni Association at any point in time. You can complete our online membership form or stop by the Wick Alumni Center (16 and R streets) to complete a paper copy.  

How do I complete my Compass?

As you explore the many traditions that make UNL great, snap a photo by the tradition or include a ticket stub from a show or sporting event. Once you have included documentation for your completed traditions, stop by the Wick Alumni Center to have your compass stamped. After completing 25 traditions, you’ll become a Knight and be able to attend a special VIP event each spring. Then, once you complete 50 of the 65 traditions, you’ll be recognized as an Official Tradition Keeper at the alumni awards banquet!

Why should I join?

By joining the Student Alumni Association, you become a part of a community on campus and network of alumni across the country. You’ll not only have the opportunity to participate in exclusive networking events, but also, by completing the Cornhusker Compass, you’ll have the ultimate Husker experience.

Still can’t find what you need? Contact Student Alumni Association adviser Jordan Gonzales by phone, 402-472-4219 or by email, GO BIG RED!