Hometown Huskers

Our Hometown Huskers are the nearly 65,000 alumni living near Dear Old Nebraska U. By living near the university, you have the unique opportunity to remain involved in the life of the campus and to stay well-informed about UNL’s achievements and challenges.

While our traditional alumni chapters serve as the point of connection for Nebraska alumni and friends living away from the area, as a Hometown Husker your proximity to Lincoln gives you the opportunity to experience and support the university directly through the NAA’s activities and events, as well as to experience UNL’s vast offerings from the arts and entertainment to Husker athletics to lectures and educational opportunities. Many events are free; other venues offer discounts to alumni association members.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are grateful for the many volunteers who support their alma mater with the gifts of their time.  Please consider offering your services for one or more of these ongoing volunteer opportunities.  
  • Volunteer Hotlist – Local volunteers are often needed to help with alumni and campus events ranging from New Student Enrollment events to commencement exercises. We will notify you via email when assistance is needed.
  • Postcards of Pride - Encourage prospective students to attend UNL by sharing your favorite campus memories and life lessons.
  • Huskers for Higher Education – Help advocate for policy and legislation favorable to UNL.