Venue Usage and Rental Policies

Wedding at Champion's Club

Eligibility for Use

There are no eligibility requirements to rent space at Nebraska Alumni Association buildings. Any individual or organization is able to book space for meetings, receptions, dinners, luncheons or other approved forms of special events.

  • Room rentals are based on two levels of pricing: public/non-university and university. There are also discounts for university and NIC Tenants and for members of the Nebraska Alumni Association. Discounts vary based on the venue. 
  • Nebraska Alumni Association buildings cannot be utilized for any activity resulting in financial gain for the client, except for charitable fundraisers or other events approved in advance by the Nebraska Alumni Association. 
  • The Nebraska Alumni Association is a private 501c3 corporation and reserves the right to accept or reject any booking without reason. 

Operating Hours, Deliveries and Security

Regular business office hours for Nebraska Alumni Association buildings are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • Rental Times – Buildings may be reserved and rented outside of business hours for weekend and evening receptions. In such instances that events fall outside of normal business hours, an additional security fee and/or extended delivery or set-up fee may be required. 
  • Security – The Association may require security if the event type or total projected attendance surpasses a certain number of attendees, such that security is necessary to supplement the event staff in monitoring guests and usage of the building. Security could be charged at an hourly rate determined by the event coordinator. 
  • Holidays –The business office will be closed for all major state/federal holidays, as well as designated shutdown periods for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Events may be booked on holiday or holiday weekends for an additional fee. 
  • Deliveries and Setup – Standard room rental for most events will include a three-hour delivery period the day of the event for clients and vendors to access the building, test and set up equipment. All vendors must completely clear the building within an hour of the event’s conclusion, and clients are responsible for extra tear-down time of their vendors. Additional delivery and set-up hours may be coordinated at an hourly rate with the event coordinator. Catering companies have exclusive use of the buildings and are excluded from this delivery time frame. 

Reservation Procedure

  1. Complete a Space and Date Reservation form – Once this form is returned to the Nebraska Alumni Association and payment has been processed, the date is considered held.

    a. All building bookings require a deposit equal to the full room rental rate to reserve a date.
    b. Functions booked by university departments do not require deposits but are subject to the cancellation policy below.
    c. The full amount of any deposit will be credited to the balance due statement at the end of the function.
    d. The deposit is considered non-refundable and cancellation at any time completely forfeits the deposit.
    e. Upon completion, event coordinator will forward catering information to client to arrange food service.

  2. A Space Rental Agreement may be completed at any time to formally book the details of your event. It must not be unreasonably delayed after event details have been solidified and event coordinator has presented an event proposal to the client.

    a. The agreement will include an exhibit with quoted room rental and other miscellaneous costs. This can be supplied formally at the time of signing the agreement or through email communication. The agreement will lock in those costs pursuant to the policies herein.
    b. Certain alterations and additions may or may not be allowed up to a reasonable time period before the event at the discretion of the Nebraska Alumni Association.
    c. If an event is booked less than 90 days in advance, the Space and Date Reservation form and the Space Rental Agreement must be completed at the same time before the event is considered booked and the date and space is reserved.
    d. It is understood that if the client unreasonably delays the completion of a Space Rental Agreement, another client with an interest in the same date that is ready to execute a Space Rental Agreement may bump the reservation. This is the only circumstance where client deposits may be returned.
    e. If a client books the NIC Conference Center more than 60 days before the contracted date for fewer than 75 people, the Association reserves the right to move the event to a different NAA venue if another conference client requests use of the full NIC Conference Center. In such case the client has the choice of receiving a full refund or the use of the other NAA venue.

  3. Select the Event Caterer from an approved caterer list provided by the event coordinator.

  4. Event Planning Meeting – The client and event coordinator will meet once prior to event to discuss and plan details for the event. This includes: layout, vendor selection, event timeline, and other event specific information. After the planning meeting, a summary will be created by the event coordinator for the client’s approval. After the client notifies the event coordinator that they have no additional minor changes, a final summary will be presented along with any additional charges. The Space Rental Agreement and information provided by client will be used to generate this summary. Other than final food counts with the caterer, no changes can be made after final notification or in the two weeks before the event.

  5. Final food quantities must be submitted at least seven days before the event or as designated by caterer. 


Changes to the Agreement

Client understands that the major elements of their agreement will not be subject to alteration once an event summary is approved. At the discretion of event coordinator and the catering partner, client may request minor alterations with the understand¬ing that any requested change may not be allowed. Client can elect to set up incidental charges with the caterer/alcohol vendor such as food minimums, drink tickets, kegs on hold and so forth that will be estimated before the event, but finalized on the caterer/alcohol vendor’s final invoice.


Contact Persons

Each meeting or scheduled event must have one designated contact person on behalf of the client who will be: 

  • Present at the event from beginning to end 
  • Responsible for the behavior and demeanor of the guests 
  • The spokesperson for the group 
  • Responsible for all payments, as well as any damages and/or property loss incurred during the event

Payment and Billing

All billing and contracts for space reservation, additional equipment and other rented services or alumni association coordinated decorations will come directly from the Nebraska Alumni Association. Payment is due upon the date noted on the billing state¬ment. All food service/bar service will be coordinated and billed directly through the caterer/alcohol vendor.

The caterer may elect to add a service charge and will add all applicable taxes at the current legal rate. Room rental with the association is not taxable. All other services charged and material rented from or through the association is taxable at state and local rates. If the booking organization is exempt from Nebraska sales tax, the customer must submit a Nebraska sales tax exemption certificate number before the execution of their Space Rental Agreement. Failure to do so will subject the client to Nebraska sales tax on all relevant charges.

Final payment is due thirty (30) days after the invoicing date. Payment can be made by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express and is payable to the Nebraska Alumni Association. 

  • University Accounts – Functions will be invoiced after the date of the event for all charges. Nebraska Alumni Association prefers university groups to pay by check, not through cost object. Please contact the event coordinator if you have questions. Accounts not paid within thirty (30) days of invoicing will be assessed interest charges at the rate of 3 percent of the outstanding charges per month. 
  • Non-University Accounts – A payment equal to the full room rental rate is due at the time of reserving space. Invoices for the remaining balance for incidentals will be sent after the event. Accounts not paid within thirty (30) days of invoicing will be assessed interest charges at the rate of 3 percent of the outstanding charges per month.

Price Adjustments

The Nebraska Alumni Association reserves the right to adjust the quoted rental prices at its buildings until a Space Rental Agreement has been completed. For events booked one year in advance, association caterers may adjust prices until a final event summary document has been approved. Such adjustments will not be more than 20 percent of the original quoted/contracted prices. 

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation by the client for any reason, the cancellation fees will vary as stated below:

  • All deposits to hold dates are considered non-refundable. For university organizations, a fee equal to 50 percent of the room rental rate is due if the date cannot be rebooked, as no deposit is necessary to hold space. 
  • After a final event summary is approved, a final walkthrough is complete, or within two weeks of an event, client is responsible for 100 percent of all contracted charges. 
  • Changes in approved caterers are not grounds for cancellation.


The Nebraska Alumni Association assumes no responsibility for personal injury, damage to or the loss of any merchandise, gifts, equipment or personal articles left in the building prior to, during or following a scheduled event. The Nebraska Alumni Association assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused by florists, bands, musicians, rental agencies or other outside contractors hired by the booking organization or individual. 

The booking organization or individual is responsible for any and all damage to Nebraska Alumni Association or NIC Conference Center property (building and its furnishings) caused by setup, guests, outside contractors or any other entity that is hired by or is a guest of the booking organization or individual.

The Nebraska Alumni Association and its caterers have the right to shut down an event due to excessive drinking, public indecency or any other issue directly related to the behavior of guests.


Wick Alumni Center – All campus parking is governed by UNL Parking and Transit Services. On-street parking is available dur¬ing the weekdays. For an additional fee and based on availability, special parking arrangements can be made for night and weekend events.

The Nebraska Champions Club – Surrounding the clubhouse are 400 parking stalls available for evening events (after 5 p.m.) or Saturday and Sunday events (all day). 

NIC Conference Center – All NIC Conference Center parking is governed by Tetrad Management Group and included in rental. Metered street parking is also available. 

Snow Removal

For events booked outside of regular business hours, a snow removal fee may apply.

Building Usage and Prohibited Items

Events at the Wick Alumni Center, Nebraska Champions Club and NIC Conference Center should be by invitation only. Events open to the public by general announcement must be approved in writing in advance by event coordinator. Events booked by an individual or organization must utilize the building according to the originally stated purpose of the rental.

Events may be scheduled no longer than four consecutive days. No posters, charts, signs, decorations or other items may be attached to the walls, doors, pillars or stairways. No tape or tacks may be fastened to walls or ceilings. No rice, popcorn, shelled peanuts, birdseed, confetti, silly string or soap bubbles may be used inside the buildings. Balloons are not allowed at the NIC Conference Center. 

Candles must be approved by the event coordinator and be in compliance with fire regulations. No taper candles allowed. Cleaning charges will be assessed for wax damages to furniture or carpeting.

No bicycles, skateboards or roller blades are allowed inside the buildings. No animals are allowed inside the buildings, except dogs trained to assist the disabled. 

The use of such prohibited items is subject to extra cleaning charges at double the normal rate and may subject the client to sus¬pension from future bookings. This applies to both inside the buildings, as well as the grounds and space outdoors.

Rental Items

Menu selections, set-up arrangements, equipment requests and all event details must be detailed in the Space Rental Agreement and can be adjusted prior to the scheduled function in a timeline at the discretion of the event coordinator. Changes made in close proximity to the event, or in the circumstance that the event coordinator contracts with a third party for equipment rentals or any other non-standard service on the client’s behalf, client agrees to cover all additional charges and/or recognizes a loss of flexibility with additions or changes. 

Dance floor 

The Nebraska Alumni Association’s Wick Alumni Center and Nebraska Champions Club offer a dance floor for special events in various sizes depending upon the number of guests at each event. The NIC Conference Center can arrange a dance floor at an additional rental fee. The Nebraska Alumni Association event coordinator will correspond directly with the band or disc jockey for set-up times and needs for the day of the event. All dances must end by 12 a.m. 


With minimum food purchases, standard linens and china are provided by the caterer at the caterer’s discretion. A handful of colors and styles are considered standard – please consult your catering coordinator for a list of standard linens. Specialty linens may be ordered at an additional charge through the caterer. 


Customers are free to bring in their own centerpieces and decorations but must get approval in advance from the event coordinator. Please note the candle policy in Building Usage and Prohibited Items section above. 

Audio/Visual Equipment 

In order to accommodate a variety of meeting and special event needs, the Nebraska Alumni Association offers a wide array of audiovisual equipment. Examples include HD projector and screen, flat panel video walls, podium with microphone, wireless microphones and access to a speaker phone. Depending on the venue selected, some of these services will be included in room rental fees. If the event requires advanced audio-visual equipment, support or troubleshooting, technical assistance will be available at an additional charge. Depending on the services needed, this technical service may be required as determined by NAA Venues staff. Additional rental fees for advanced equipment may apply. 

Internet Access 

Please consult with the event coordinator for both wired high-speed and wireless Internet access for your events. Access is subject to University policies and may carry an additional charge.


Authorized Areas

Clients will have access to authorized areas only as specified in the Space Rental Agreement.

  • The client, members, supporters and participants will not have access to office spaces throughout the building, including front desk reception areas during the contracted event. Computers, phones and other equipment in these offices and at the front desk are not available for events and/or participants. 
  • The client is responsible for keeping its various members, supporters and participants within the authorized contracted areas. 
  • Clients renting space on the main floor of the Wick Alumni Center will not have access to stairwells or elevators without prior approval of the event coordinator. Clients renting space in the Great Hall level of the Nebraska Champions Club will have access to the public elevator on the south side of the lower level. Client and guests will not have access to north side elevator or other levels of the building without prior approval of the event coordinator. Clients renting the NIC Conference Center space will have access to contracted spaces. Hallways around banquet hall and breakout rooms, which include bathrooms, stairwells and elevators, are considered common space with other NIC tenants. 
  • The client or responsible party identified in the contract must be present for the specified time in the contract and will accept full responsibility for any damage and/or missing property. 
  • Unauthorized access may carry additional charges.

Food Service

The Wick Alumni Center, Nebraska Champions Club and NIC Conference Center utilize an approved list of caterers for food service. The listing is available from your event coordinator upon request or available on the association’s webpage. Only these food caterers may be utilized at each venue. Any and all menus, services, service charges and products ordered/contracted from the food caterer are directly between the renter and their selected caterer. Please consult your selected caterer for policies on food guarantees, minimums, billing policies and so on. 

Alcohol Service

Alcohol service is subject to university policy and the laws of the state of Nebraska and the city of Lincoln. The Nebraska Alumni Association has selected one alcohol provider to hold the primary liquor license at each physical property. Your NAA event manager will provide you with the appropriate bar caterer’s contact information.

All alcohol must be contained within the building. At least 75 percent of the guests in attendance must be 21 years of age or older in order to have bar service at an event. Please consult your venues’ bar caterer for policies on beverage guarantees, minimums, billing policies, etc. 


Smoking and Firearms

In accordance with university policy, all Nebraska Alumni Association rooms and buildings are smoke-free. Nebraska Alumni Association buildings abide by the university policy on smoking and dangerous weapons (both concealed and unconcealed). All dangerous weapons are prohibited.


You may hire your own DJ or band for weddings and entertainment. Bands larger than four musicians or those with large amounts of electronic equipment must be approved in advance by the event coordinator. All music must conclude by 12 a.m. All music performances must abide by both city and campus noise regulations.


Advertising and Promotion

All advertising material using the name, images or any other intellectual property of Nebraska Alumni Association and NIC Conference Center buildings is subject to the approval of the Nebraska Alumni Association and Nebraska Innovation Campus staff prior to the placement of such promotions.


Guest Behavior and Compliance

Guests shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate behavior by guests at functions on Nebraska Alumni Association and NIC Conference Center property will result in their removal from the premises at the sole discretion of the event staff. Refusal may result in trespassing charges for such guests, and the booking individual/organization will be billed for repair/replacement costs and any lost revenue due to damages. Please refer to Liability section above regarding guest behavior.



Building rental prices for events with food service include up to three (3) man-hours of cleaning time. Events without food service include one (1) hour for cleaning time. Additional cleaning time for either event type will be billed at a rate of $100 per man-hour. Usage of prohibited items will double the cleaning fee; refer to Building Usage and Prohibited Items section above.


Standard Room Rental

Standard room rentals shall include the following services rendered by the association:

  • Set up and tear down tables and chairs. 
  • Standard event planning services of the event coordinator – this includes sharing examples of past successful events, room layout and basic suggestions. This does not include full-scale coordination and event planning, which may be available at an additional charge. 
  • Limited access to microphone and background music, at the discretion of the event coordinator. 
  • Post-event cleanup as specified above. 
  • Event manager on site.

Policy Changes

The Nebraska Alumni Association reserves the right to update and alter these policies without advance notice to clients. Up-to-date policies will be posted at

Policy Forms

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