Huskers for Higher Education FAQs

What is the general purpose of the program?

The purpose of Huskers for Higher Education (HHE) is to inform alumni from across the state about legislative bills affecting the University of Nebraska and on occasion more specifically, the Lincoln campus. We understand that not everyone is going to agree with the university's position. However, we do ask that if you support the university's position that you contact your senator.

How can I get information during the legislative session?

The Huskers for Higher Education page at the Nebraska Alumni Association website provides a link to the Unicameral's website where you can stream live video of daily legislative sessions and public hearings, review the daily hearing schedule and legislative agenda, view your senator's voting record and find other information.

Is it possible to receive the information further in advance of the bill being discussed?

Because of the unpredictable nature of the Unicameral, bills can move through the legislative process quickly and it may be impossible to give you information weeks in advance. We try to provide the information to you as soon as it is available to us. If you have given us an email address, you will receive the information on the same day it was received. If you have not given us an email address, please do so to facilitate your notification of issues. Your email address will only be used for HHE purposes. Quite often, little notice is given prior to voting on issues related to the university. The ability to send you requests to contact your senator in a timely fashion, such as an email, is appreciated.  

Where does the information we receive originate?

All four university campuses work together to raise awareness regarding the potential impact a legislative measure may have on the university system. As a University of Nebraska-Lincoln supporter, I provide you with information (received from the Chancellor's Office) on how these issues affect the university system and the Lincoln campus. All of the information you receive represents the university's official position on issues.

I would like to participate in other alumni volunteer activities beyond legislative advocacy. How can I become more involved in these programs?

The alumni association is happy to have you involved in many of our programs. We have specific programs designed to help with student recruitment, career networking and more. Review opportunities on the website, or contact us at