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Nebraska Magazine, Summer 2017

Nebraska Magazine Summer 2017 

Volume 113/ No. 2/ More »
Features: Total Eclipse of the Heartland, Dairy Store @ 100, Heart Art





Spring 2017 Nebraska Magazine

Nebraska Magazine Spring 2017

Volume 113/ No. 1/ More »
Features: Up Close & Personal with Ronnie Green, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Love Library Marks 75 Years, Judge Arlen Beam, Rebecca Richards-Kortum and Teresa Sindelar






Nebraska Magazine Fall 2016

Nebraska Magazine Fall 2016 

Volume 112/ No. 3/ More » 
Features: Media Masters, The Game Changer, Making It Happen, Professor Walks Miles in Susan La Flesche's Shoes


Nebraska Magazine Summer 2016 

Volume 112/ No. 2/ More » 
Features: Not Your ORD-inary Brew, ‘What Can I get You?’, Learning to Fall, From Nebraska to Nigeria with Natalie Hahn, This Woman Means Business 



Nebraska Magazine Spring 2016

Volume 112/ No. 1/ More »
Features: Perlman Timeline, 2016 Alumni Awards Recipients, I, Robot Maker, High and Dry, One Leg at a Time, Dr. Les Whipp: A Lighthouse Teacher, There is No Trask Like Nebraska’s


Nebraska Magazine Winter 2016

Volume 111/No. 4/ More »
Features: Traveling Man / JGW Lewis: An Overdue Tribute / Making Her Mark at ESPN / A Pivotal Year: 1964 / Living the Dream


Nebraska Magazine Fall 2015

Volume 111/ No. 3/ More »
Features: Champions of Innovation  /  Bound & Determined   /  Malawi   /  Toxin Warrior


Nebraska Magazine Summer 2015

Volume 111/No. 2/ More »  
Features: The Art of the Deal  /  Country Boy Becomes Network Sports Director  /  Nebraska Athletic Hall of Fame


Nebraska Magazine Spring 2015

Volume 111 / No. 1 / More »
Features: Riley’s Football Staff Complete  /  Adding Nebraska Pride to American Tradition  /  Champion Athlete and Wife Run Tougher Race

Nebraska Magazine Winter 2015

Volume 110 / No. 4 / More »
Features: Having the Times of her Life: LaSharah Bunting, '00  /  A Visionary Doctor's Rx for Equality in Healthcare: Christine Ngaruiya, M.D.

Nebraska Magazine Fall 2014

Volume 110 / No. 3 / More »
Features: Zachary Schmackary: Cookie Mogul of Times Square


Nebraska Magazine Spring 2014

Volume 108 / No. 1 /  More » Features: Jim Croft, Ph.D, '04  /  Questions, Questions

Nebraska Magazine Winter 2014

Volume 107 / No. 4 / More » Features: Marty Liggett, '72  /  Bulu Box  /  Jane Hirt, '89  /  A Look Back at Year One: Shawn Eichorst

Nebraska Magazine Fall 2013

Volume 106 / No. 3 /  More »
Features: Russ Munch, '79  /  Trent Claus, '06  /  Jessie Graff, '06

Nebraska Magazine Summer 2013

Volume 105 / No. 2 / More »
Features: Homegrown Royal Has it All  /  Howard and Jo Lamb, '49  /  Seth and Lissa Heinert, '08, '04 and '06

Nebraska Magazine Spring 2013

Four years after Ali Hosseini left his native Iran in order to attend college in America, the country exploded in the firestorm that was the Islamist revolution of 1979. More »

Nebraska Magazine Winter 2013

Dr. Lisa Boohar (B.S. '93, M.D. '98) surely has one of the toughest jobs in the entire world of healthcare.More »

Nebraska Magazine Fall 2012

Nebraska's 27th men's head basketball coach, Tim Miles, asks Husker fans to take a leap of faith and bet on the future of Husker basketball. More »

Nebraska Magazine Summer 2012

Cowboy artist Eldon Lux, '72, leads trail rides, crafts custom-designed saddles, teaches painting classes and builds sets for Walt Disney – in Florida. More »

Nebraska Magazine Spring 2012

UNL Grad Sue O'Shea's research focuses on fighting devastating gene-linked diseases with stem cells she cultivated from human skin rather than embryos.More »

Nebraska Magazine Fall 2009

Volume 99 / More »
Features: The Christmas Tree Czar