Postcards of Pride

Postcards of Pride is a joint effort between the NAA and the UNL Office of Admissions to recruit the next generation of students to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Through Postcards of Pride, you can encourage prospective students to attend UNL by sharing your favorite campus memories and life lessons. Volunteer now »

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Who can volunteer?

Anyone who has graduated from UNL.

How do volunteers help?

As a volunteer, you will be given a list of prospective students and the appropriate amount of NU postcards. (Note: we will try to include students from your state. However, based on demand, your list may include students from other states.) These students are high school seniors who have applied and been admitted and who are making their college choice from a small number of colleges and universities. Volunteers are asked to write a short message to these students. You may or may not receive a list of students more than once during the academic year (October - April), depending on the number of newly admitted students from your area.

Does Postcards of Pride really impact UNL's success?

Research shows that correspondence like Postcards of Pride can play a huge role in a prospective student's choice. Last year, approximately, 500 students attending UNL had received a postcard through Postcards of Pride.

How do I volunteer?

Sign up online. Just click here!

For more information about admissions to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, visit the Office of Admissions web page.