Fall 2016 Nebraska Magazine

In every issue, Nebraska Magazine features alumni who have found success in their careers and communities. A sampling of stories from this issue is below. 

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Jessie Graff

Media Masters

Nebraska grads have long been known for their ability to harness current media trends and turn them into careers — think 1949 graduate Johnny Carson who catapulted himself to fame in the early years of late night television all the way to 2013 graduate Hannah Huston who finished in the top three on this season of “The Voice.”
LaVonte David

The Game Changer

He’s the best defensive linebacker in all of pro football, according to many of the experts, and he boasts impressive gridiron stats to prove it – along with a $54-million, five-year contract.
Makers Space at NE Innovation Campus

Making it Happen

Maker spaces. The idea is taking flight across the country and igniting ideas and collaborations that wouldn’t otherwise happen. UNL has such a space in Nebraska Innovation Studio, which opened its doors last October on Nebraska Innovation Campus in a renovated building on the old state fairgrounds north of City Campus.
Joe Sarita

Professor Walks Miles in Susan La Flesche's Shoes

The lone walker is an ex-baseball star, an ex-world wanderer, an ex-construction worker, an ex-investigative reporter and now a beloved (and oft-bedeviling) journalism professor who moonlights as maybe the finest non-fiction writer in Nebraska.