Student Life Membership FAQs

Q: What is a student life membership?
A: A student life membership is a membership program through the Nebraska Alumni Association that gives students the ultimate Husker experience. After joining, students become members of the Student Alumni Association, and life members after graduation. 

The Student Alumni Association helps students achieve the fullest collegiate experience by exploring campus traditions featured in the Cornhusker Compass guidebook, which they will receive upon joining. They will also have access to exclusive social events and networking and professional development opportunities. 

After graduation, students will become life members of the alumni association and remain connected forever. They’ll be a part of our nearly 25,000 member alumni family and reap all of the benefits of life membership

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: Students will make an immediate payment of $75 upon joining and subsequent payments will be added directly to the student bill for seven semesters. The $600 total cost is 40 percent off of the cost of a standard alumni association life membership and includes all of the NAA’s student programming and benefits while they are in school and all life membership benefits after graduation. 

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Joining is easy. Current students can join online or at New Student Enrollment in-person. The first payment of $75 may be made with cash, check or credit card. After your first payment, your N-Card will automatically be charged once per semester for seven semesters. The fee will not be charged during summer sessions.

Q: How is the student life membership program different than Student Alumni Association?  
A: Students enrolled in the student life membership program will enjoy all of the benefits of a Student Alumni Association membership while in school, in addition to receiving a life membership at a discounted rate upon graduation. As a graduation gift, the Nebraska Alumni Association will also purchase your cap and gown, a benefit exclusive to student life members. 

Q: What if I graduate in fewer than eight semesters?
A: The $600 total must be paid in full two weeks prior to GradFest. As long as you make up remaining payments, you will receive your cap, gown and full life membership upon graduation. 

Q: What if I take a semester or year off of school or decide to study abroad?
A: We will work with any students who put their education on hold or choose to study abroad and intend to return to UNL, as long as the lapse doesn’t exceed two years. Contact the alumni association and let us know about your plans in order to make arrangements.

Q: What if I don’t pay off my balance before I graduate?
A: Any payments made while in school will still count toward your life member dues after graduation. Keep in mind, until your membership is paid in full, you will go into lapsed status and miss out on benefits until you are paid in full. We recommend completing the all student life membership payments while in college to reap the most rewards, including reduced life membership price and no lapse in benefits after graduation. 

Q: What if I leave UNL without a degree to start a full-time job or enter a professional school such as nursing?
A: Even if you don’t earn a UNL degree, you can still be a Husker forever! We will credit any amount you paid while in school toward membership in our non-graduate categories. These “friend” memberships are identical to regular NAA memberships, except you may not receive some college-specific communications unless requested. 

Q: What if I don’t start as a freshman or I go to UNL for more than eight semesters?
A: The program is capped at a total cost of $600 or eight total payments of $75. You may elect to pay off your balance at any time while still in school by visiting the Wick Alumni Center. If you start your payments late, any remaining balance must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to GradFest in order to receive the cap, gown and alumni life member kit before graduation.  

Q: Is this program open to graduate and doctoral students?
A: Currently, the student life membership is only available for undergraduate students. Graduate, professional and doctoral students may join the alumni association at our standard membership rate. The cap and gown benefit is not available for advanced degrees. That said, NAA members will save 10 percent off of their advanced degree regalia and any other graduation products at the University Bookstore.

Q: What if I start as an undergrad and don’t complete my payments before graduation, but I’m going to grad school?
A: If your life membership is not paid in full by graduation, you will be credited what you have already contributed toward a life membership, but you will not receive the cap and gown benefit. You will not be able to continue making payments on your student bill during grad school, but the NAA will still honor the $600 life membership rate. Stop by the Wick Alumni Center at any time after your undergraduate graduation to pay off your balance. If you wait until after finishing grad school, you will be charged for a standard life membership.

Q: Can I use my scholarship money to pay my student life membership dues?
A: Unfortunately, scholarship money is not an authorized form of payment for student life membership dues. 

Q: Are there refunds available?
A: Life membership is partially considered a donation to the alumni association, which is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. As such, donations are nonrefundable. If you change your mind during your undergraduate experience, you will always have credit for the amount you have already paid toward the cost of a standard life membership. 

Q: If I decide to no longer participate in the student life membership program, how do I opt-out and when do I need to do so by?
A: You must opt out in-person at the Wick Alumni Center. To opt out you must complete and submit the membership cancellation form by Aug. 1 for the fall semester and Jan. 5 for the spring semester. Any amount paid to-date will be credited toward a future lifetime membership.

Q: I’m a parent and I didn’t realize my child was enrolled in this program, I pay their student bill but I do not wish to pay for their membership. How can this be resolved?
A: Please consult with your student and decide how you would like to handle future payments. We would be more than happy to switch the payments from their student bill to a reoccurring credit card charge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have. 

Q: I noticed you have joint memberships for spouses. What happens if I get married after I graduate?
A: Life members who marry another life member may combine their individual membership into a joint membership. Additionally, any life member can convert to a joint membership and add a spouse or partner for $250 at any time.