Alumni Spotlight: Ayman Sahli, UNL '94

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Ayman Sahli, UNL '94



“There is something about the quality of the brand, the brand called Nebraska. You see it everywhere. Combine the quality with substance, it’s something. Not everybody has both.” 

-Sahil, during Alumni Masters Week Nov. 2014


Ayman Sahli is CEO of Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (Julphar) in the United Arab Emirates. After earning his Ph.D. at UNL, Sahli worked in process development in Syngenta, Ala. (1995-2000), and Wyeth, N.Y. (2000-2004). In 2004, he joined Hikma, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company founded in Jordan and offering both branded and generic pharmaceuticals with an outreach spanning from the Middle East to the USA.  He was appointed deputy general manager of the Jordan Unit, a post he held until 2008 when he joined Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (Julphar) as chief executive officer. Sahli extended the company geographically as well as through an investment of $150 million into biotechnology. The launch of “Julphar Diabetes” in 2012 marked Julphar as the only company in the region to venture into recombinant-DNA Insulin production. Sahli plans to increase Julphar’s regional manufacturing bases in strategic locations such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

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